Wherever on the go takes you, Emergent shorts will keep you comfortable and your items safe. 


Design inspired by Chicago Athletes


The Emergent Multi-Sport Short is made with a high end polyester-spandex blend that provides a soft touch, mechanical stretch and athletic fit. Inside is a super stretch compression band that stores items close to the body. This allows athletes to move freely while keeping pocketed items stable. Pocket placement was engineer tested, providing the optimal placement for ease of use, and range of motion.  All fabric components are moisture wicking, mildew resistant and the pockets are sweat resistant. With a secure water resistant zipper and durably stitched seams you can do just about anything and items won't fall out. The design is finished with a sublimated side panel.

Made and Sourced in the USA.




As a recent graduate, starting up a company was quite a challenging journey. With a limited budget, bootstrapped from personal funds, family and friends I had to be resourceful. Through diligence and research, I gathered a best in class team of design and creative talent to launch Emergent.  

Being a sport enthusiast, there is something beyond competitiveness that motivates me.  It is a conviction to pursue goals far beyond what is perceived as possible or achievable. Standing at 5’9”, I never let my height hinder my athletic ambitions especially with basketball.

These personal beliefs are core to my company’s mission.  I want to inspire individuals to challenge themselves beyond their expectations and encourage an active lifestyle.