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6 Week Health and Wellness Challenge

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It's time to finally meet your health goal.

Be part of a supportive community, and get a chance to receive athletic rewards for your successful completion.

This challenge is entirely free. It's purpose is to turn your intentions into action. It is personal: your activity of choice, at your own gym, and on your own time.

Often times the best step toward success is to clearly define your goal in writing. This makes it real, and something to work for. Now let's up the stakes and urgency by challenging you to complete this goal in 6 weeks! I will provide weekly updates, encouragement and tips, but more than anything this is an opportunity to solidify a goal and make it happen!

I hope you join the adventure!

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Effectively Defining your Goal


  1. Find a health and wellness goal you've always intended to reach. You must sincerely want to achieve this.
  2. Turn it into a S.M.A.R.T. goal.  

    Specific - It is clearly defined.

    Measurable - It’s progress can be tracked.

    Achievable - It is realistic and attainable in 6 weeks

    Relevant - Your goal matters to you

    Timely - Done, you’ve a 6 week limit.

  3. Dedicate some of everyday to your goal, even if you have to compromise some days, like limiting your time to 20 minutes or a 50 push up goal for the day. Just make sure you do something that actively works you toward your goal on a daily basis. This will help you stay actively aware of your goal.
  4. Enjoy the daily success.



The 6 week challenge is very personal to me and I hope it resonates with you. Far too often I find myself wanting to meet a goal, whether it is fitness or otherwise, that I either don’t end up going for at all or fall off of way too early. From those experiences I came across a rather universal phenomenon,  when we are truly motivated toward a result, something in our mindset changes. We are more focused, dedicated and ambitious. Our thoughts are constantly conscious of the goal and those thoughts manifest into deliberate actions. It becomes about actively pursuing results in a clearly defined way regardless of outcome. This is exactly what I intend to create with this Challenge.

I will be participating right by your side, my goal is to gain 5lbs of muscle and increase my 1 rep maxes by 15lbs in 6 weeks. I will be sharing my personal experiences, hardships, resources and support throughout the program. We are in this together.


This is your personal journey. The countdown clock is for when I am starting my challenge and you are encouraged to start your challenge on the same day. You can join the journey at any time in December. I'm working on making the updates fit your timeline of sign up - This is my first go, a beta version of the Challenge.