The Adventure Continues

Sometimes we become so focused on the finish line that we forget to enjoy the journey. Our goals can take precedence over our experiences.

Emergent's journey has been quite the marathon. The road has been tough. I've fallen, scraped knees, and rolled ankles, but every time the support that I've received during my journey gave me the courage to get back up and persevere. It seems long ago that Emergent began as a passionate idea started as a recent graduate. Since then it's grown into a thoroughly tested product and a brand dedicated to giving back to the health and wellness of the community.


We are doing the hard work: the stretches, the mental preparation and endurance training to reach the finish line with the best results. As that last mile marker to product launch comes closer, it's important that I take the time to continually reflect on my journey, the things that I take pride in for the Emergent brand, the challenges that taught me something new and the friends that inspired me to keep on stepping. Each of you have contributed so much to this journey without even realizing. Whether it was a word of encouragement or a perfectly landed backflip, you are Emergent Leaders, and you continue to leave a lasting impression on Emergent's brand identity.

This first post is the start of Emergent's adventure journal and I encourage you to contribute to it's pages. I will continue to share updates, and stories on the brand. As more posts are released I hope you feel that you are part of the journey, after all this product was made for you. Adventure is waiting for you, get out there and enjoy the journey. 

With you, our Adventure Continues...


Matthew Tutak